Frequently Asked Questions


Q:  Can an Agency use a GWAC directly or do they have to go through GSA?

    A:  Agencies can issue Order/s using their own staff or request contract assistance through GSA AAS to place order/s on their behalf

Q:  How does a client receive Delegation Training and where do I send them for this information?

    A:  Several venues for training: webinar, on-line, on-site, and during outreach events and conferences. For more information contact Mimi Bruce, Director of Client Support (877) 534-2208 or email at

Q:  When does Alliant expire?

    A:  The Alliant Contract expires April 2019. The performance of the Task Orders may extend no more than five (5) years beyond the expiration of the Basic Contract. Maximum performance period of Task Orders maybe up to 10 years, depending on specific agency regulations

Q:  The client has a requirement that may fit Alliant what do I do?

    A:  Clients may send the requirement to The scope reviews take place every Tuesday and Thursday and a response will be sent to the client within 48 hours

Q:  What is the fee to use a GWAC?

    A:  The fee is .75% of invoiced costs similar to GSA Schedules

Q:  I have a client that needs more information about Alliant where do I send them?

    A:  To Mimi Bruce, Director of Client Support (877) 534-2208 or by email:


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