Unisys Security Insights
United Kingdom

Data security concerns in the UK are relatively higher in retail than other verticals like telecoms, government, utilities, healthcare and airlines, whilst the perceived threat of a data breach in banking is low.

  • 44 percent are most concerned about personal data security at retailers, most likely due to a lack of focus on trust-building by retailers despite recent data breaches.
  • Consumers have relatively higher confidence levels when it comes to banks to protecting their personal information, possibly attributed to the perceived proactive measures taken up by banks to mitigate risks.

Britons see a positive role for drones being used to monitor or police public spaces, but not by a wide margin.

  • About half of people view drones as helpful in combating anti-social behavior (49 percent), but a good number of respondents also fear that drones would compromise safety (40 percent).​

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