Unisys Clients - Corelink

Driving cost out of health care insurance claims processing

The Business Challenge

Drive lowest price per member per month for processing claims for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Nebraska, North Dakota and Wyoming.

The Solution

Unisys ClearPath Forward® systems with ClearPath® MCP Developer Studio software and Dell EMC Virtual Tape Library to eliminate the need for physical tape and the high cost to maintain them; ClearPath Forward® ePortal; ClearPath® MCP Developer Studio which uses the high-speed, software-based fabric architecture and secure partitioning (s-Par®) software for faster and more efficient application development.

Results and Benefits

  • Reduced costs with a lower defect rate by creating a software development lifecycle that streamlined the development and deployment of new code
  • Improved speed of claims processing with Developer Studio
  • Gained the ability to quickly adjust to regulatory changes because of efficiencies in the SDLC regulations


The new Unisys ClearPath solutions give us the perfect balance between continuity and innovation. The advanced software-based capabilities enable us to build on the long-term investment we’ve made in strategic ClearPath applications while writing new applications more quickly and cost-efficiently, and testing them more thoroughly. Those efficiencies translate into two key benefits to our clients: lower cost of claims processing and faster, more expansive services.”

Aaron Long

Vice President Information Technology
CoreLink Administrative Solutions LLC