Unisys Clients - Improving Food Saftey For Consumers

Protecting Consumers from Risks Associated with the Food Chain - from Field to Fork

The Business Challenge

Provide independent scientific advice on food safety to protect citizens and safeguard their health.

The Solution

Unisys Security Advisory services to standardize processes and procedures towards compliance with ISO 27001 and to secure the IT environment to guarantee data integrity and business continuity.

Results and Benefits

  • Safeguarded critical scientific data and research by minimizing risks and threats across IT systems and architectures
  • Reduced gaps in security assessment procedures via security risk assessments
  • Support the agency to create and manage new incident management and security operating procedures




Food is essential to life and our agency is working to keep food safe for citizens. As a premier risk assessor, we produce scientific opinions and advice that form the basis for governmental policies and legislation. Unisys is a long term partner and we have been working to secure our research and applications to ensure that critical data is not misused or lost."