Unisys Clients - New Zealand Inland Revenue

Enabling New Zealanders to pay taxes and receive entitlements simpler and faster

The Business Challenge

Advise the government on tax policy, collect and disburse payments for social support programs and collect revenue to fund government programs, while undergoing a massive digital government business transformation.

The Solution

ClearPath Forward® support services, including data center management services and consumption-based compute capacity for Inland Revenue’s existing systems.

Results and Benefits

  • Achieved the ability to deliver improved services to citizens through operational flexibility
  • Gained continuous delivery of the department’s core tax and social policy services
  • Enabled the department to deliver on its tax and social policy obligations
  • Flexibility to easily access the highly secure core operating environment when and as it is needed


It is essential Inland Revenue maintains business continuity via our existing systems while we undergo our business transformation program so that we can continue the collection of revenue and disbursement of social policy payments during a period of co-existence. We have extended our relationship with Unisys for the flexible, consumption-based ClearPath Forward services to enable our goals.”

Gary Baird

CTO, New Zealand Inland Revenue