Unisys Clients - Providing high-quality products around the world

Providing high-end champagne, wine and spirits around the world

The Business Challenge

Maintain market leadership in key segments and expand presence in others.

The Solution

Unisys Digital Workplace Services including service desk, desk side support (campus, dispatch and proactive visits), distributed server management and end-user productivity services for ~4,000 users throughout Europe and the U.S.; ~10,000 devices supported globally.

Results and Benefits

  • Enhanced employee productivity and distributor experience by reducing the time to resolve issues
  • Gained the ability to consistently, efficiently and effectively support sales and distribution of multiple brands
  • Achieved a globally consistent end user experience




Consistent, excellent service associated with high-quality products is expected of us by businesses and consumers, or we risk loyalty to our brands. We count on Unisys to ensure we meet their expectations.”