Unisys Clients - Reducing Crime Volume

Providing increased public confidence by cost-effectively reducing crime volumes

The Business Challenge

Respond effectively to instances of crime, acts of terrorism, and planned or unplanned large-scale public events.

The Solution

Unisys developed, supports, maintains and manages the IT infrastructure for both the Live and Disaster Recovery/Service Continuity services for the agency’s mission-critical Command & Control applications, running on Unisys ClearPath Forward® platform to handle emergency and non-emergency calls from members of the public; applications are integrated with the geographical information system and provide an interface to many other services such as alarm companies, HM Coast Guard, ambulance services, police officer location systems and in-vehicle mobile data terminals.

Results and Benefits

  • Increased capacity to handle 15,000+ calls a day and support approximately 20,000 in the case of peak emergencies such as civil unrests and major public events such as the Olympics
  • Minimized downtime to 10 minutes or less per week




Unisys’ support for the Command & Control Service is helping our agency to achieve our goal of 20% reduction in crime, 20% reduction in cost, and 20% improved public confidence by effectively managing crime, including those associated with mega-events such as the Olympic Games.”