Sightline and Unisys

Delivering a secure industrial analytics solution

Today delivering OT and IT convergence will be an imperative to generate the cost savings and efficiency gains that may be paramount to survival for many industries. However with manufacturing environments under attack from malware and ransomware like never before. It is critical that information gathered, is information secured.

Unisys and Sightline have combined their proven technologies – Sightline’s EDM platform and Unisys Stealth® into a single integrated solution that enables organisations to address the challenges they face in utilising production data to generate increased production efficiency and reduce costs – whilst providing complete security against intrusions, sabotage or even just user error.

Sightline’s EDM platform has been expressly designed to enable the real-time collection of data across the production line providing actionable intelligence. It analyses data in real-time to predict performance issues – and is the only software on the market providing millisecond data analytics.

Unisys has developed the Stealth™ portfolio to bring proven top-class security concepts into the converged IT/OT Cybersecurity space. In addition Cryptographic zoning is achieved on…

  • Public networks
  • 5G

With Sightline Secured by Stealth™, data in transit is protected in a Zero Trust environment, and can automatically alert on operational abnormalities which may represent security issues.

To read in more depth about what the individual elements enable – and why we believe the combination of both delivers on the challenges you face please click here.

If you have 100 seconds to spare please watch the video which takes you through how the solution works.

If you want to discuss further how Unisys and Sightline can help you address your OT/IT challenges please e-mail us at

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