Manusec, February 2020, Munich

ManuSec is a well-established 2 day event in Europe and also runs in the USA in the autumn, attracting high quality delegates with security and production specific roles in leading manufacturing industries.

The event explores solutions to the wide array of cyber threats jeopardizing European manufacturers as they increasingly embrace technological innovations to provide them with the data they need to maintain and improve efficiency and competitiveness, and focuses on how they can contend with ever more complex cyber-attacks and phishing schemes.

Unisys and Sightline attended to communicate out a unique proposition that addressed the needs of the manufacturing sector who were looking for converged solutions to harmonize IT and OT. Our offering addressed both worlds in a compelling and disruptive manner.

Our customers are realising that traditional concepts are no longer good enough - VPNs and firewalls are costly to maintain, complex to manage, and take up to 1/3 of their resources (time, people, money) to monitor, patch, and fix vulnerabilities induced by the very solutions they buy to secure their enterprise!

Our plenary presentation on the morning of day 2 - Leveraging Secure, Real-time Data Predictive Analytics to React to Threats in your Network showed how data is key to faster decision making and gaining a competitive advantage. Secure, real-time data predictive analytics improve productivity, giving organisations an edge, and – critically - the ability to react to threats in your network.

To see the presentation please click on the presentations link below

Presentation from ManuSec, Munich February 2020

The American Manufacturing Summit, Chicago - March 2020

Unfortunately this event has now been postponed due to the Covid 19 outbreak. Unisys and Sightline were due to present at this event and have a supporting stand presence for demonstrations and discussions. However we look forward to participating in the event in October.

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