Unisys Cares - Unnati

Vocational Training for Students

Unnati is a nonprofit organization that works towards social transformation through vocational training. Unnati coaches students to be valuable job prospects, but most of all, change agents in their society. The students at Unnati are taught English, basic computer skills, life skills and values as part of the curriculum, in addition to training in the core vocation.

In seeking a better tomorrow, Unisys partners with Unnati to promote a learning culture for generations to come. As Unisys associates, we can offer experience and advice to students who hope to enter the corporate world and technology industry.

Unisys India conducts educational and vocational training sessions for Unnati students. The goal of these programs is to build confidence in students and prepare them with all skillsets necessary for life including: finance skills, health and insurance for self and family, professional grooming, self respect, etc.

Volunteering at Unnati

Interactive Session at Unnati

Recognizing Students at Unnati's UNXT Program

Neeti Tolia, Engineering Director, representing Unisys at Unnati's Graduation ceremony